Woman Calls The Father Of Her Kid Spineless After Learning The Name Of His New Baby

Choosing the right name for a newborn is not an easy task

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This woman was furious when she learned what name her ex has given to his second child



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More than a third of parents think of an option for both a boy and a girl, others opt for a gender-neutral name

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Naming a child can be a headache, there’s no doubt about it; in order to choose the right fit, a parent has to consider numerous factors from the way the full name sounds to what people it reminds them of, among other things. That might be why some parents ruminate about it until the very last second or take their time even after the child is born.

BabyCenter’s survey revealed that the majority of soon-to-be parents—roughly one third of them—settle on a name somewhere during the second trimester of the pregnancy. Roughly a quarter do so during the third trimester, and as many moms and dads reportedly choose a name after seeing their bundle of joy in real life (around 17% do it the same day, while the rest wait a couple of days or weeks more to make a decision).

BabyCenter also uncovered that just over 40% of parents try to come up with options for both a boy and a girl, as they contemplate names without knowing the sex of the baby; roughly one-in-a-hundred opts for a gender-neutral one. Nameberry suggested that Logan, Avery, Riley, and Parker respectively are the most popular choices for unisex names, based on 2022 data.

As for parents’ favorites when it comes to boys’ names, Liam was reportedly the most popular option back in 2022, followed by Noah, Oliver, and James. Those holding newborn baby girls in their arms most commonly opted for Olivia, Emma, Charlotte, or Amelia respectively.

The majority of people reveal the name they’ve chosen for their child sometime during the pregnancy

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Even though two sisters sharing the same first and last name might not be common, family members bearing the same exact moniker is not unheard of. A lot of times that happens due to namesaking—naming a child after another person, often a grandparent or even a parent. Studies reveal that boys and second-born children with older sisters are more likely to be named after someone. Research also suggests that people who were namesaked themselves are more likely to do it with their own children as well.

Whether they’re naming their kid after someone they love dearly or not, some parents can’t wait to share their choice with the world. According to BabyCenter, as much as 64% of moms and dads reveal it sometime during the pregnancy; some others (31%), however, wait until after the child is born to disclose the news. That might be the best option for those who don’t want to be influenced by other people’s opinions, as quite a few of them seem to have one when it comes to names.

It’s up to the baby’s parents to decide when their name is going to be known to the world; but you might wonder, when does the newborn itself realize that that’s the moniker they’re (likely to be) stuck with for the rest of their lives? Well, Healthline suggested that even though it differs with each bundle of joy, most of them should understand that that’s their name by 7 to 9 months. If the baby regularly reacts to hearing the name said out loud—whether by using body language or vocalizing—it’s arguably safe to assume they know that word refers to them.

Every name typically refers to a number of people, sometimes even in the same extended family, but having a full name exactly the same as your sibling might be inconvenient at best, as quite a few redditors pointed out. They suggested the OP wasn’t being a jerk in this situation and shared their views on the situation in the comments section.

People in the comments sided with the OP, they didn’t consider her a jerk in this situation



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