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Parents Get the Surprise of a Lifetime After Leaving Their Daughters Home Alone For a Week

Leaving teenagers home alone is a risky business, and you never know what you’re going to stumble upon once you come back. If teen movies thought us anything, it’s that once you leave teens on their own, your home will look completely different when you get back.

That’s exactly what happened after Chip and Karen Schoonover returned home from a week-long vacation – but not in the way you think. No crazy shenanigans or wild parties took place inside their house, but their four daughters were definitely up to something.

Keep on reading to find out what they decided to do while their parents were away.

No Expectations

Chip and Karen Schoonover kept their expectations low when they asked their daughters to house-sit for them while they were on vacation. They did their best to raise them right, but teenagers can get unpredictable when they’re left on their own.

No Expectations

The Schoonovers hoped they wouldn’t stumble upon the aftermath of a wild party once they get back, since it’s not unusual for teens to go a little bit crazy in their parents’ absence. In best case scenario, the house would still look the same as it did when they left it.

Short Vacation

The Schoonovers’ home town of North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is a pretty popular tourist spot, but they still feel like getting away from it every once in a while. The weather in December wasn’t so great, and they were craving a change of scenery.

Short Vacation

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